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Resketch Acquired

Resketch Acquired

We have some exciting news. Resketch has been acquired!

May 1st 2022, Chicago IL – Chicago-based Resketch, an innovator in repurposing paper and other reusable materials, announced today an acquisition by Cory Skaaren and Skaaren Design, a creative studio with nearly 30 years of brand building experience.

Since 2013, Resketch has proudly delivered on the promise of diverting perfectly usable, reclaimed paper from the waste stream and reusing it to create sketchbooks, journals, notepads, and other paper products. Cory and Skaaren Design will continue this commitment to championing reusable and sustainable products, and lend its experience working with consumer brands to help Resketch reach new audiences.

“We’re really excited for the future of Resketch and the chance to introduce our reclaimed paper products to new audiences and sustainability champions around the world,” Shawn Smith said. “We’ve been impressed with Skaaren Design for a long time, and the unique approach that they take in developing meaningful and impactful brands.”

As a result of the acquisition, Arizona-based Skaaren Design will run operations and production of Resketch, under the care of award winning design and print-industry veteran Cory Skaaren.

“Shawn has done an amazing job of creating a truly unique and beloved company that has provided reclaimed paper products to individuals and to some of the largest companies in the world,” Cory Skaaren, Principal and Creative Director of Skaaren Design, said. “I can’t wait to collaborate further, learn from all the amazing work of Shawn and continue to build upon the mission of the company.”

In the short term, long time customers of Resketch won’t see significant changes as reclaimed paper production resets for the next cycle and new Resketch products will become available again. Both original Resketch founders Shawn Smith and Jack Burnett will remain involved with the new company moving forward. Longer term, Resketch’s audience can look for a wide range of exciting new products and offerings, including a robust custom book facet, consumer notebooks and journals, and other new products.


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