Reclaim. Reuse. Rethink. Reclaim. Reuse. Rethink.

We Need Your Help!

We Need Your Help!

We see an untapped potential in every unused sheet of paper, which is why we work so hard to reclaim and transform it into unique, creative, eco-friendly notebooks and paper products. Unlike recycling, which often involves chemically heavy and energy-intensive processes, reclaiming paper allows us to give it new life without additional cost to the environment.

We Need Your Help

Our mission thrives on community awareness and support. If you or someone you know has unused paper - whether it's office paper, Letterhead, architectural plans, or any other writable paper stock - consider it a rescue mission! We are always looking for quality paper sources to expand our product line and continue our environmental advocacy.

Here's How You Can Help

Reach out to local businesses, schools, or anyone within your network who might have paper they have deemed unwanted. Trust us, you never know where a beautiful paper cache could be hiding. If you find a business or someone who has unwanted paper they are looking to throw away or recycle, please ask them to contact us. Together, we can ensure that no creative potential is left untapped and no paper is left behind. Let's continue to turn traditional ideas of creation on their heads and make every page count.

What Kind of Paper do You Accept?

We collect all kinds of paper. The only thing we look for is that it is usable and writeable paper. With that said, we have collected the following types of paper.

• Office paper (all sorts of types and colors)
• Architectural plans and drawings
• Blueprints
• Dot matrix printer paper
• Letterhead
• Oddities too tricky to describe
• Legal pads
• Accounting ledgers
• Graph and lined paper
• Sheet music
• Maps

For more information you can check out our FAQ.

Thank you for supporting our mission.

If you or anyone you know has a lead on any unused and unwanted papr please contact us at the following information:

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